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Increasing Your Odds – Understanding Betting Strategies Craps


Increasing Your Odds – Understanding Betting Strategies Craps

Craps is a fast-paced and fun casino game that, at first glance, seems entirely based on chance.  But betting strategies craps, like many other casino games, are also based in strategy and a thorough understanding of odds.  Don’t let the craps table intimidate you – there’s a lot of fun to be had and, with a little bit of luck (and a lot of strategy), potential money to be won.

Pass Line Bet

Placing the pass line bet is your first and most important  move in the game of craps.  The “pass ring” is clearly marked around the outside edge of the table, and whatever the shooter rolls determines the fate of your pass line bet.  Every number established by the roll of the dice has a certain implication.  For simplification purposes, beginners should just concern themselves with the fact that a 2, a 3, or a 12 roll means you lose.  Everything else at this point is either even or up.

Don’t Pass (Don’t Come)

A “don’t pass” bet (also called a “don’t come” bet) basically constitutes betting that everyone else at the table is going to lose.  Once this bet has been placed, the player also has the option of placing an additional bet based on true odds.  This secondary bet is considered separately from your pass line bet and, if one, pays out based on the actual odds of the number chosen being rolled.  There is much to be learned regarding odds as they apply to dice, but this is an important element of the game of craps, as taking odds gives you a greater chance of winning money.  So it’s worth it to take a little time and study up on just exactly how the numbers apply to this part of the game.

Side Betting

Once you’ve gotten this far into the game, the bets become a bit riskier as the odds against you become much greater.  But this is where a game of craps begins to get really exciting!  Side betting strategies for craps are a little more complicated than pass line bets and don’t pass bets, but, again, if you want to maximize your chances of winning  money at the craps table, it’s worth the time it takes to gain a true understanding of the odds and strategies used in side betting.  The odds of losing are greater, but so are payouts when you win.

Advanced Betting Strategies

For those with a more adventurous nature or “money to burn” there are more adventurous betting strategies in craps which can be employed at various points throughout the game.  Placing a bet “the hard way” is one example of a riskier bet, though it comes with a much higher payout on a win.  These betting strategies should only be employed once you have a bit of actual experience on the table, though studying the numbers and odds as they apply to more advanced betting strategies is also a wise move before risking any significant money.

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