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Advantages of online poker

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Advantages of online poker

We know that many convince them not just online poker. You can not see the face of the rival, you can not guess by his gestures if you are bluffing or not…

Although this is not as peliculero in PokerAction we are of the opinion that online poker has nothing to envy to the traditional , indeed, we believe that has some advantages that give an extra value:

Comfort : This factor is as obvious as essential. To play from the living room of your house sitting where you want without having to go anywhere is what we call comfort.

Time. No need to take three hours in your busy schedule to play a few minutes free are enough to play a game or even a few. In fact, for those who are used to playing online, a game in a traditional table can sometimes be soporific.

Mesa : You choose the table you want to play. If you want to leave the table because you’re not convinced, you can do it without problem and choose another. In addition, one of the great advantages of playing online is that you can play on several tables at once. For this, you should be a little understood and be able to keep track of all the games, but if you get the benefits you can get increase considerably.

Dexterity : you gain experience much faster. If you play a game in a real casino, you can play 10 in one online… Make calculations!

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