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How to cheat in online poker?

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How to cheat in online poker?

The pitfalls of most popular online poker are:to collaborate Plot

Conspiracy, collaboration, collusion… Deception is plotting the game between two or more players via phone or instant messaging. If there between the two collaborating one that has very good cards, both players bet cahoots, despite the letters of one of the two are very poor. The two players will always rise and even bet. In this way they are encouraging the rest of the table to participate and bet more money.

Like what you do not know, it is that this measure is fully controlled. If two players always play at the same table, it will be suspect. At the time when someone detects the slightest strange move, you can always inform the operator. The operators always pursue the suspects to hunt them, something that does not take long to happen. In addition, penalties for cheating in online poker are hardening so we do not think it worth the risk.

Experienced players will not take long to discover that deceives. In addition, among other punishments, when someone gets caught cheating, he is thrown out of the casino for life.


Bots or robots are computer software that can be programmed to play poker in an automated way.

The first bots were created in 2001, but the mission with which were designed at that time far from now. The bots were created by software experts with the idea that humans could play against them and to entertain and even train. It is assumed that we can use the bots to play money, never for real money.

The problem appeared when the bots started to be used in online casinos to play for real money, an illegal practice.

Although many professionals believe that these machines are incapable of winning in certain types of poker, use in online casinos is prohibited , however small the software.

Keep in mind that in addition to calculating the best plays, they need not rest, not demotivate or play worse to have had a stroke of bad luck. If use were permitted, the players at the table would be in clear inequality.


The practice is to have multiple accounts in the same tournament and even at the same table in order to increase the probibilidades to win.

The options that exist today that can cheat owning multiple accounts are virtually nonexistent. The security measures of the various casinos and controls that have made ​​this impossible to carry out.

Keep in mind that online casinos and gaming companies earn very high incomes. If you ever had the slightest hint that the platforms are not safe, distrust is created or there is any scandal would ruin for these companies. Therefore, they are not interested users wary of their safety.

The online casinos hire outside companies that are responsible for monitoring and inspecting the reliability of these portals and check whether they are safe.

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