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All about poker face

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All about poker face

If there is a key thing that differentiates a good poker player, it is the face that puts the play. No matter if you have a good play, if your face betrays you, you are lost.

For you to understand better what we are talking and the next time you have a pair of aces will not notice right away, the team PokerTuga selected the best poker faces for you.

If there is something they have in common it is that all of them is impossible to know what they think.

What does poker face?

There are two different meanings of the concept poker face :

– In game terms , it is said of the ability to hide the facial gestures of a player holding a fixed grin on his face.

– In terms of Lady Gaga… “I will not hug or kiss you, I’m bluffing. She must not love anyone! “

Stu Ungar

“The child” , so nicknamed for their physical appearance, is undoubtedly one of the greatest players in history. 3 titles of “Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl” 5 WSP and bracelets that poker face, it’s no wonder that nobody wanted to play against him.

Kathy Lieber

If you win $ 1 million in a world tournament, probably it means that you know put a good poker face. What does Kathy Lieber show in this picture? Can we laugh or mourn?

Benjamin Spindler

The German, who won the European tournament, always confused their opponents thanks to his poker face. With this scowling , it is difficult to know if you have a good move or not.

Liu Xuan

The Asian is one of the young talents most respected today. With this poker face “half and half” that puts us can have all your cards completely deceived.

David Colin

David Colin was winning the Spanish tournament in 2009. The French poker face is always the same: maintaining eye fixed on the game.

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