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Curious about Cake Poker? Learn the Facts Here

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Curious about Cake Poker? Learn the Facts Here

On many other online gambling sites.  U.S. players are welcomed, and the site offers a hefty bonus for first-timers.  Cake Poker was the first to introduce a mobile app for poker, and remains a highly attractive option for online gamblers as they provide access to large scale and high stakes events worldwide.

What Kind of Gambling Is Offered on Cake Poker?

Cake Poker primarily offers entry into tournaments of Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha High, and Omaha Hi-Lo.  The format requires the download of special software, but the opportunities are boundless once this has taken place.  Tournaments are available on Cake Poker 24/7, and the Tournament Lobby provides all the necessary details regarding entry into each.  Multi-table, sit-n-go, limit, no limit…whatever way you prefer to play online poker, chances are a tournament to fit those specification is going on at Cake Poker.

Can U.S Residents Play on Cake Poker?

With the introduction of the 2006 internet gambling laws in the U.S. there have been many online gambling sites that do not accept players based in the United States.  This is largely due to potential conflicts regarding bank transactions as opposed to concern for the law exhibited by overseas-based online casinos, but is a concern for U.S. players, nonetheless.  Cake Poker is one of the more notable online casinos that accepts U.S. players.

What Differentiates Cake Poker from other Online Casinos?

Cake Poker has quickly and effectively differentiated itself from other online casinos since its inception in 2004.  They were the first to develop a mobile app for member to participate from the convenience of their smartphones.  They offer a 110% bonus on deposit with a special code that’s easy to access.  Cake Poker is one of the only online casinos that allow players to change their online identities.  And, perhaps the most exciting feature for serious poker players is Cake Poker’s satellite access to live events and their freeroll qualifiers where players have a chance to earn entry into some of the world’s most prestigious live poker competitions.

Cake Poker for Beginners

Cake Poker certainly has a lot of unique features and offerings for experienced and competitive poker players to take advantage of.  But this is also a very user-friendly online casino for beginners.  Because of the wide variety of different types of tournaments, beginning online poker players can control the stakes.  In addition, Cake Poker provides its users with a variety of handy tools for familiarizing new players with rules, lingo, etc., as well as a practice feature which allow players to hone their skills and gain some experience at the table prior to wagering any actual money.

If you are interested in online gambling, Cake Poker offers some of the most versatile options for serious poker players and novices, alike.

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